TiplrCoin. The Travel Currency

TiplrCoin is a digital reward asset that uses the blockchain

The TiplrCoin (TPC) is a blockchain-based token that supports community building and social interaction with a reward mechanism. The TiplrCoin combines the power of social media sharing with the attractiveness of building a closed economic ecosystem. The most important driver to inspiring participation in the Tiplr community is an open accounting system that consistently reflects each user’s contribution. The TiplrCoin is a token that accurately and transparently rewards content creators and users who make subjective contributions to the community. TiplrCoin can be defined as the travel currency!

Tokenization and blockchain are at the innovative forefront of every industry. Tiplr is creating the future of travel currency. TiplrCoins are the first step into this new ecosystem within the Tiplr travel platform. Soon, travelers will be able to earn and use tokens for different travel services.
Tiplr explorers can accumulate tokens in many different ways, starting by creating quality content, and sharing tips. As the ecosystem and community grows, the potential value of the tokens will as well, so this is a perfect opportunity to get in on the ground floor with other passionate travelers and entrepreneurs!

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