The last guide you will ever need

The world needs a tool that helps us find genuine travel information, and actually put it to good use. This became especially apparent to us during a months long Trans-Siberian journey a few years ago. We found ourselves surrounded by other like minded travelers who were also trying to navigate this completely foreign land. We exchanged advice and tips along the way, using others’ suggestions that we couldn’t have found in any guidebook we carried.

Without this transference of knowledge, our trip wouldn’t have been the same. Having learned first hand how crucial these kinds of interactions are to our travel experiences, we set out to design something that could facilitate the same actions between an online community. We imagined having all of the information you could ever need in one place, and it would always be readily available in your pocket.

The key elements of Tiplr

The action of creating a Tip -a piece of travel information- to share travel expertise is the key engine of the whole platform. Tips are made up of unique and authentic information from globe trotters and local experts.

The Tiplr database contains thousands of smart travel tips from the community of explorers. Users can search by destination, explorer, travel category, or through a dynamic map. The Tiplr editorial team also curates content to help direct users to engaging tips and new destinations.

Users can collect other explorers’ tips and organize their own tips within the Suitcase. This dynamic, smart feature allows users to organize tips into collections, users will also be able to purchase travel services directly from their Suitcase.


The Community of Smart Travelers

Imagine having a trusted group of experts and friends, who you can count on for the most authentic, helpful and inspiring information.

These smart travelers are Tiplr Explorers, and they make up the Tiplr community. Becoming a part of the community means having a megaphone to share your content with the world and a place to discover new ideas and destinations.

Most importantly, it is one tool with endless potential to help you travel better and smarter. Explorers are passionate about building a community that will leave its mark on the travel world.

A talented Italian-born Creative Director, Carmine has traveled over 50 countries for a good part of his life with Tiplr vision pretty clear in his mind. Carmine lives in the New York City area, which he likes to consider the quintessential home of wanderlust. His favorite place on earth is the Mediterranean.
Carmine Savarese, CEO
A travel enthusiast, Stefano has explored over 75 countries in 5 continents. He is an accomplished sailor and mountaineer who always has a camera at hand. In between travels Stefano obtained a PhD in financial economics and is an associate professor of Finance in the New York area. His favorite place is Ile Sainte Marie, Madagascar.
Stefano Bonini, CFO
Tara was born in Connecticut, studied Journalism in Boston and recently relocated to the Big Apple. She enjoys running half marathons, and exploring New York’s comedy scene. She believes that in order to live a big life, you have to take big risks. Favorite Place on Earth? The Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.
Tara Turner, COO

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